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Note: Allround Savings, Allround Solutions, Allround Connections and Free bills Check are all trading names of Allround

Savings UK Limited.

Terms of Engagement
1. Scope of services
Allround Savings UK Limited will investigate, reduce the cost of, and prepare contracts for approval of The Client, covering areas within the Fact Find that you wish to benefit from. In instances whereby our audit reveals all is in order and no savings can be made at this time, we will re-appraise on the next review dates applicable. Subject to point 2 below.

2. Period of engagement
The period of engagement between Allround Savings UK Limited and The Client will be from the date of this letter of
engagement and until such time that either party wishes to end the arrangement.

3. Expectations
Allround Savings UK Limited are tasked with reviewing overheads for any or all aspects of the business. All aspects of the business that are known by Allround Savings UK Limited will be considered when making recommendations and introductions to The Client. Allround Savings UK Limited is not responsible for the ultimate contract agreed between the supplier and The Client, nor is it legally responsible for any or all aspects of the business of The Client.

4. Client Information
Allround Savings UK Limited will consider all client information confidential including anything that is discussed during meetings, all written information is stored securely and in accordance with GDPR. Confidential information will be used responsibly, and information will only be shared with the consent of The Client (specifically with potential suppliers). Please see full terms and conditions for additional information.
The Client will endeavour to fully explain all areas of the business which might affect any decisions or prevent the business from obtaining quotes for services. The Client will provide any, or all, information that is relevant to the business that is necessary.

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Terms of Engagement (continued)
5. Fee structure (please choose from, 5a or 5b)
5a. (most popular) Pay the £500 Engagement Fee which is FULLY refundable in the following circumstances: -
(i) No savings can be made by Allround Savings UK Limited across the board on services already used
by The Client that Allround Savings UK Limited is tasked to investigate – Refundable
(ii) The Client agrees to new contracts to save money – Refundable on contract/s going ‘Live’
Therefore, Allround Savings UK Limited fee is ZERO.
5b. It is agreed that The Client will pay a £500 analysis fee for works carried out in good faith by Allround Savings
UK Limited if our recommendations are NOT applied (signed up to) within 2 weeks of findings being
reported to The Client. This fee will be payable on receipt of the invoice raised by Allround Savings UK
We will exercise our statutory right to claim interest (at 8% over the Bank of England base rate) and
compensation for debt recovery costs, and/or court costs, under the Late Payment legislation if we are not
paid with 14 days of receipt of the invoice.
**Please note that this fee is only applicable if The Client does not sign up to the recommendations
within the stated time of 2 calendar weeks whereby savings have been reported.**
**Important** - The Engagement Fee is Non-Refundable – IF The Client does not forward requested billing information and Letters of Authority within two calendar months of signature of this Engagement Letter in order for Allround Savings UK Limited to carry out its due diligence.
The Engagement Fee is Non-Refundable – IF proposed money saving contracts are not signed by The Client and moved forward in order to benefit client.